Sectoral Solutions

ABC Logistics

ABC Lojistik

ABC Logistics aims to provide the best service to its customers by making professional investments in sectoral solutions.
The services we provide to our customers, which are our business partners, in the context of sectoral solution projects;
- The R & D department is investigating the most appropriate service planning by our Logistics Engineers in the direction of customer demands,
- Analyzing and reporting on which items can be procured with Outsource for the purpose of minimizing the costs of our customers,
- Planning together with our customers and ourselves doing business planning,
- Planning for the most appropriate use of the planned vehicles and equipment to be used,
- We make sure that our plans are always up-to-date and productive with technological infrastructure investments.

ABC Lojistik

As ABC, we aim to provide maximum benefit in the field of sectoral solutions by making long term and continuity investments in many sectors.
* Automotive,
* Industry and Commerce,
* Retail and Food,
* Health and Medicine,
* Textile and Wear,
* Construction materials,
* Technology and Media.

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