Information Security Policy

With its Information Security Management System, ABC Logistics attaches utmost importance to information security in order to increase its corporate reputation, protect its own business continuity, and important and / or sensitive information of its stakeholders. Within the scope of its activities, it adopts and manages the following aspects in accordance with the Information Security Management System (ISMS):

  • To ensure the information by providing accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of any information necessary for our activities.
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of the compliance and effectiveness of the system, in accordance with the requirements of the information security management system, national and international legal requirements and regulations.
  • To ensure that all employees contribute to information security by increasing the knowledge and competence of the employees of the Agency.
  • To protect information about themselves and their stakeholders by making employees, customers and third parties aware of information security.
  • Establish business continuity plans and take proactive measures by performing risk analyzes against changing and evolving information security threats.
  • Creating appropriate physical and electronic environments for the security of information assets and recording them when security breaches occur, ensuring timely detection and intervention of violations.

All company employees and suppliers are responsible for complying with the policies, procedures and controls of the Information Security Management System and fulfilling the responsibilities defined for them.
The top management is obliged to update the ISMS policy to comply with changing conditions, to ensure that this policy is known, understood, fully implemented within the company at all levels and that all employees are in compliance with this policy.