"Working at ABC Logistics is to be a member of the ABC family." “ The ABC Logistics Human Resources policy is to create a fair, safe, respectful, and respectful work environment that is consistent with labor laws and regulations and encourage employees to grow with their employees by supporting their development.

Selection and Placement Process
In order to reach candidates who will create added value by harmonizing the institutional culture and culture; career portals, written press announcements and internal announcements, approved consultancy firms and İŞKUR support. Anyone who wishes is free to apply for these positions.

Our aim is to include candidates who have the knowledge, skills, qualifications and competencies necessary for the job and positions concerned with vacancies determined in the direction of the budget studies conducted at the beginning of each year. It is not acceptable to discriminate among employees at the time of recruitment and within the organization, for reasons such as language, religion, race, sex, physical disability.

The first interview with the appropriate candidates in the application is carried out by the human resources recruitment team or the relevant region manager in the regions. Personnel inventory, foreign language examination and competency-based interviews are conducted according to the qualifications and competencies defined in the relevant position. Eligible candidates are directed to the relevant department managers for further negotiations. The job is submitted to Human Resources by the candidate who has received the approval of all the selection and placement processes.

Performance Management System
It aims to continuously improve the performance of employees and employees. In our MMS application based on goals and competencies, our company evaluates the performance realized with business targets in numerical data.


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